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2015-2016 - SPT finishes work on the SEAM Pore Pressure Prediction Project


⸰SEAM RFB 2015-301, Pressure Prediction: 2D Basin Simulation and Rock Properties Estimation: The objectives were downscaling the basin modeling output volumes of porosity, pore pressure, density and saturation to a grid appropriate for seismic modeling and defining the rock properties of Vp, Vs and density at the fine scale. The SEAM model was developed to be representative of a Tertiary Basin in the deepwater U.S. Gulf of Mexico (GoM). Completed in August, 2016.
⸰SEAM RFB 2016-303, Pressure Prediction: Model Scaling and 3D Rock Properties Estimation: Using the outputs of porosity, shale content and smectite-illite ratio (S/I transition) from the basin simulation, anisotropic sand-shale effective media modeling was conducted through theoretical approaches for the SEAM deepwater GoM 3D Earth Model. The five independent elastic constants for Transversely Isotropic (TI) media were calculated and then used to derive the Thomsen parameters, as well as the velocities of Vp0, Vs0 in a fine grid for the entire 3D volume. Completed in October, 2016.

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